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You are the most qualified person to build your dream life! 

There’s nothing like the rush of developing a new idea, the excitement that you feel exploring a new realm of possibilities!

There’s nothing like the soul-crushing moment when you finally pluck up the courage to tell others about your plans. You are met with blank stares, sympathetic eyes and an onslaught of “concerned” questions specifically targeted to anticipate the prospect of your certain failure.  

It’s the moment where the fresh new seed that you had hoped would be watered is castigated and thrown out to pasture like a leper hell-bent on undermining the status quo of humdrum society. 

You are left dumfounded and questioning your own sanity!

At this point many of us will sidle back to our respective corners, harbouring little seeds of discontent. We are able to mask these seeds; just well enough to give the appearance of being OKAY to the outside world, but these seeds grow!

They grow into bitterness, discontent, regret, neurosis, depression, and lack of self-belief, and the circle will continue…. To overcome this, there is one thing that we all must realise! 

Most of the people offering you their opinions don’t actually know what the heck they are talking about!

If you’ve got big dreams, it’s most likely that people will generally not be able to share the full extent of your vision or optimism. Once you accept this, a whole new world of freedom awaits you. 

Take Airbnb as an example, 

When the multi-billion dollar business first launched absolutely nobody took them seriously! After being rejected by over 20 investors Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia said,

"everyone thought we were crazy, no one supported us, we had no money, even for food."

People just did not get the vision, they couldn't see the poetential in the market. One potential investor even walked out on Joe halfway through his pitch.

Fast-forward a few years and Airbnb is a global brand that has completely revolutionised the way we travel and is worth an estimated 25.5 billion dollars.

Not bad for crazy!

Bold ideas are ALWAYS undoubtedly met with scepticism and doubt

In 1977 Ken Olsen, co- founder of Digital Equipment Corporation famously said,

 “there is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home”.  Boy was he wrong!

You could tell similar stories about Facebook, Uber, Apple, the electric light bulb,  and most of the things that have revolutionalised our lives.  

The key message we can learn from these examples is DON’T STOP just because others don’t get it. The validity of your ambitions is not predicated on the agreement of those surrounding you. Others can only see as far as their personal perspective allows them, and that’s okay. 

Always judge the Judge

Before you let somebody else’s opinion de-rail you, carefully consider the source of that opinion!

What is their personal perspective? Does that person actually have knowledge in your field? Have they attempted to go for their dreams? What are their values?

 Always judge the judge! Great advice should act as a tool for sharpening and refining, not a stumbling block for halting progress. 

Guard your vision and go for it! You are the most qualified person for the job.

We believe in you, but that doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself. 


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